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Caring for Seniors: A Practical Guide to Personal Hygiene 

Published: April 30, 2024
Author: Jessica

At a certain stage, it can be challenging for seniors to care for themselves. They may need as much help as possible to ensure they are always clean. Caring for them at such stages can be a challenge as they are likely to suffer from conditions like incontinence and memory challenges.  

As part of your commitment, you must clean them regularly, ensuring they have no foul scents and their clothes are clean. You do not always have to observe them as long as you have the right sanitary items. One of these items is adult diapers. 

For every caregiver, an adult diaper can save you a lot of stress from constantly cleaning them up. It brings some relief to the users, ensuring freshness, no scents, and all the waste matter contained. Therefore, before considering a sanitation schedule, ensure you have the best adult diapers in stock. 


Selecting the Best Sanitary Adult Diapers 

As noted, adult diapers are one of your best essentials to guarantee adult sanitation. However, not all diapers will work for their needs. Take time to understand the existing types and how they perfectly meet your needs. Therefore, you must pay attention to the essential factors to help you select. 

Anyways, the common types of adult diapers include incontinence pads, pull-ups, disposable adult diapers, and reusable adult diapers. On most occasions, pull-ups are usually a perfect option; even seniors can quickly put them on. To put on the diapers, all they have to do is wear them like regular underwear. 

In case of severe incontinence conditions, you can add the incontinence pads to the pull-ups. They are like the liners acting as absorbent pads. They can also be ideal for mild incontinence as you stick them to pants or underwear. 

Based on these options, you must select the most absorbent adult diapers based on their conditions. There are different types based on the severity of incontinence. Besides going for the best quality adult diapers, consider other aspects like duration. This will save you the burden of constantly checking up on them. 


How to Use Diapers for Sanitation 

Here is a word of caution: adult diapers can jeopardize sanitation when wrongly used. Worse, it could lead to other unsanitary conditions.  

Before you unpack the diapers, ensure your hands are clean. Diapers can be sensitive to external dirt and a perfect ground for germs.  

The first rule is to ensure you put them appropriately. This ensures the diapers stick in position and hardly sag. When worn appropriately, nobody can notice they are wearing one. So how do you do it? 

Next, ensure they are standing up when putting on the diapers. This ensures the diaper is pulled up in the best position. This is why the pull-ups are the best option since all you have to do is pull them up into position.  

Ensure the edges perfectly fit around the hips and the front and back are in the same position. Everything should fit perfectly and in position before they put on a dress or a pair of trousers.  

What if they are immobile, i.e., they cannot stand? In that case, you need a strap for adult diapers. You can help them put on these diapers even when lying. All you have to do is strap them on the sides to fasten them into position.  

When wearing a pair of trousers, ensure it is not too tight to push the diaper upwards. Actually, a little buggy trouser is necessary to give some breathing room and to avoid interfering with diaper positioning. Breathability is essential to allow air circulation, avoiding extreme heat and other skin conditions. 


Changing the Diapers 

Another safety tip you must know is when to change the diapers. When left too long, there is a risk of infections and harm to the skin. Do not wait until the diaper sags or begins to leak. You must know the change durations and usage timelines. 

Usually, this depends on the manufacturer’s instructions or other factors. One of these factors is the severity of incontinence. If the condition is severe, you need to buy top-quality diapers. These diapers are designed to hold more fluids and last longer. 

Still, you need to change them frequently to avoid leaks and sagging. For instance, change them after four hours, even if the manufacturer states they are usable for six hours. If seniors have little or medium, they can use the diaper a little longer. 

However, if they have fecal incontinence, do not let them use the diapers for too long due to the risks of burns and scents.  

Be careful when changing the diapers to ensure there are no spills. For pull-ups, ensure they are standing to remove the diapers. Hold the diapers from the edges and gently pull them down. Ensure the diaper surfaces are not in contact with the skin as you pull it down. 

After that, you can clean them to ensure the skin is free from any infections. Give them a few minutes to allow the skin to dry and some air circulation. You can then change the diaper following the same procedure.  


Why Diapers Are Perfect for Sanitation 

Adult diapers are perfect for sanitation as they can help you deal with multiple issues. First, they are designed to contain the scents, ensuring seniors are fresh and always have the best scents. Next, some are designed for both urine and fecal incontinence; you only have to select the right one.  

Finally, you have some breathing room to focus on other issues since they can last a while before you need to change them.  


Wrapping Up 

Once the adults have them on, you do not have to worry about stains on clothes or learning the bedding daily. They are perfect for general sanitation from the body, garment, and environmental sanitation. Your role is to select the best quality to serve your needs.  



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