US- based lifestyle retailer and footwear has reported net sales worth $516 million which is 5.9% of the 3rd quarter of fiscal year 2023. This ended in December as compared to $485.9 million in the previous fiscal year.

The consolidated sales has decreased by 3.6% in the retail store. With 0.8% in YoY and e-commerce sales (15.2%). This has resulted in the incremental sales from the newly opened stores. The higher average price is driven by a part of inflation. This further contributes to net sales.

In the 3rd quarter, the general expenses was $115.3 million which is 22.4 % as compared to $99.5 million and 20.5 % of the net sales.  The company’s gross profit in the first 9 months was estimated to be $454.7 million which is 36% of the sales. There were 43 new stores opened by Boot Barn in FY-23.

According to an estimation made by the organization, the sales will expectedly cross $1.68 billion which represents 12.2-12.9% over the prior years. Some stores are expecting the 0.5-1% of the retail stores. For the 4th quarter, the company is expecting a turnover of $438 million to $448 million which is representing 17% of the prior years. The gross profit is approximately 35.7% of the sales