Inception and Motivation towards establishment of firm

Two young enthusiastic persons Meeta and Bharat Shingala came together at a common platform. Both desired to do something differently, with main focus on Touching lives through Quality Assurance. With a vision and mission the idea of starting a testing & inspection facility to help the industry for quality assurance and upliftment was evolved. This has inbuilt strength of protection of consumer’s right for quality and safe products
towards changing lifestyles. Modest beginning made in 1988 under the name Testtex India Analytical Laboratory transformed into today’s Testtex India Labor atories Pvt. Ltd.,

Evaluation of the current landscape of textile industry

India has been home to textiles since the old silk route. Maintaining quality standards and compliance to various country specific regulations including ecological sustainability has always been a great challenge in International market.
Testtex provide full range of services for Testing, Inspection, and Consultancy involving raw material (dyes, chemicals, auxiliaries, etc.), product (fiber, yarn, apparel, footwear,
bags, accessories, etc.), toys and other children articles testing to national & International Standards along with testing of effluent. Important parameters being construction
particulars, color fastness to various agencies, physical & chemical properties, performance & appearance evaluation, flammability, microbiological, genetic analysis (GMO) & other
specialized tests for CPSIA, California Proposition 65 and humano-ecological requirements.

Accreditation and importance of testing in an accredited lab

Accreditation aims to achieve harmonization of activities. Accreditation by any organization means meeting their work culture requirements in terms of documentation, qualified and experienced man power, use of specified methods and procedures, equipments and their calibration etc. Results reported by accreditated laboratory are considered to behighly reliable and accurate

Benefits o f testing

A benefit derived from testing includes compliance with specification, Avoidance of expensive recalls, Reduction of liability risk. Confidence building of customers, improved competitive edge, Guarantee for product quality etc.

New frameworks and techniques TESTTEX follows to provide high quality services and new area of Focus into new arenas

Testtex offers services related to testing, inspection and consultancy with the state of the art testing facility for chemical and biological parameters, utilizing team efforts of trained personnel. Testtex maintains good professional practices and providequality services. Testtex continually improves the effectiveness of its services in confidential, complete, competitive, impartial and reliable manner so as to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Testtex believe in expanding its scope of activity depending upon industry needs, such as evaluating biodegradability of packaging
material, detection of harmful synthetic dyes and testing of allergens and vitamins in food products. Testtex constantly strive for new method development with specialized facilities
of Testing overall and specific migration for packaging material, extend helping hand in selection and designing of packaging.

The core competency of TESTTEX and development plans

Testtex has secured accreditation and approval of NABL, BIS, CPSC, ZDHC, GAFTA, APEDA, FSSAI, to remain ahead and updated with changing world scenario. Testtex is undertaking
expansion in the field of GMO testing and certification.

Major factors towards growth of company since its inception

Today, Testtex is present at ten global locations, with laboratories at Mumbai, Tirupur, Noida and Rajkot & collection centre’s at Ahmadabad, Kolkata, Ludhiana, Hongkong, Dubai and KSA. Sincere and hardwork coupled with desire to remain ahead through exchange of ideas and views along with minimum turnaround times has contributed to the growth of Testtex.

TESTTEX work culture and employee programme

Testtex team’s current headcount exceeds 250. Testtex believes that its employees are its main resource. To uplift and motivate, need based training through Inhouse and onsite training programmes are imparted. Staff members are encouraged and deputed to attend seminars/ conferences.

Final Say…

In addition to testing of textile & Leather products Testtex undertakes testing of Food and Beverages, chemical formulations, Toys, Packaged drinking water, Food contact materials, Packaging Materials, Helmets, Construction
materials and Consumer goods.