Exclusive Interview with Mr. James C.C. Wang, President of TAMI (Taiwan Association of machinery industry) during ITMA 2019.

TAMI is Taiwan Association of Machinery industry which is the biggest association in Taiwan whichincludes textile, CNC machinery, plastic, food, medical machine etc. We are member of co-association of 7000 members in Taiwan.

How many Textile machinery Manufacture member you have?

Textile we have nearly 300 members. We are not the biggest in number of members but from Taiwan production and also the export value of textile machinery, we are number 5 in the world for the export of textile machinery

In Which segment Taiwan Machinery is strong ?

Taiwan plays a key role for supplying functional fabric which is for sportswear and outdoor wear. 70% of functional fabric which includes sportswear for brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma etc. are supplied from Taiwan and made up of synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon.Taiwan country not only known for synthetics but even for cotton in past but with timewe diverted to synthetic. From Cotton yarn to synthetic yarn evolution, we developed knitting, dyeing, processing technique. Taiwan textile machinery manufacture unfortunately not strong in spinning but we are strong in knitting, dyeing and finishing.

How do you compete with other country?

Well, we are the hidden champion that we support. We developed economy by supplying around 70% functional fabric. Many textile knitting machinery companies are major supplier of Nike or Adidas. Corporate brands provide their projects and we collaborate with them.

Which part of the world you have major customers?

Around 70% of revenue comes from China, Vietnam India, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Turkey. Trade war of China and US helped us to enter this market. We spent lots of time in travel for searching and meeting major customer across the world. Psychologically we are more conservative, spending on new projects, new investment made many optimistic changes in Cambodia and Indonesia. Entire supply chain has been moved to these countries by Central America.

Industrial 4.0, reduced the entry barrier of technician. Unfortunately, many young people think that textile is the sunset industry but in fact, it is not. Textile is about our daily necessities and it is all related to high technology. We have to think and contribute towards reducing / lowering down entry barrier. Make more and more people coming into this industry to better human’s environment and life.That is why Pailung developed MES(Manufacturing Execution System). We believe that the real smart machine should contain “Big Data” and “Smartly controlling machinery”. So, not just focus on the data analysis system, Pailung puts much effort into the machine control and self-adjustment by feedbacks. Those frameworks link all the smart system together and make all the production more optimizing.