AJAY GANERIWAL, MD, and PARTNER of Athletic Classic LLP.

Medical Textile Manufactures

  1. We are manufacturing PPE coveralls and masks at Tiruppur, Tamilnadu. We are manufacturing of garments.
  • Inspiration for starting a new line

We started manufacturing these PPE coveralls and mask after lockdown we found there is too many problems going not only around  India but in the world and all doctors are not getting proper safety kits. So, we thought to make these kits in India only because we already have fabrics manufactured in  India and also one of the exporters of this fabric even export to china. So we have decided to make one sample send for approval to SITRA and we got approved in one go. And then we started production and supply of coveralls and masks.

  • Management and future plans

As of now we are manufacturing almost 1000 kits daily and supplying to hospitals and as of now we are not marketing but some of government authorities and exporters are approaching us for orders so we are planning to work with them. We are planning to set up one separate unit for manufacturing these coveralls kits and masks in the future and also continue manufacturing them.

  • Plans for retaining customer

We have sent some quantity of these coveralls to Kerala and Bangalore also and in conversation with one lady doctor, they said they like our kits more than what they were using prior as our kits have PPE lamination and using breathable fabric and others kits are not breathable and uncomfortable.

  • Vendors and buyer’s requirements

once buyers use our PPE kits they are happy because other company kits are not breathable and suffocate them whereas our kits are comfortable and also breathable because we use breathable fabric for coverall kits and masks. There are three levels of quality checks ie. During production, after production and then last after packaging, before sending it out to the customer, these make sure that there is best quality is maintained and also safe goods are supplied.

  • Government Standards and Support.

Right now we are manufacturing according to government standards/ norms and also an officer from the government comes to check coveralls before that we can’t send it to market. And also as export is not allowed but yet didn’t get any inquiries from the government or any exporters till now but in the future, we are looking forward to it because we have the capacity to cater to export needs.

  • Workers safety

Firstly if anyone comes to the factory they have to wash their hands and sanitize and we also check the temperature, we have a fever measuring machine in the factory. Mask is compulsory so if they don’t have a mask we give them and they can’t wear a previous day mask. So every day they have to wear a fresh or washed mask to work and if they don’t have a mask than we give them washable and reusable masks.