Dr V.R. Giri Dev, Professor with the Department of Textile Technology

Anna University Chennai, firmly believes that the industry and educational institutions should work hand-in-hand to enhance the textile sector as a whole in India. In a recent chat with Textile Value Chain, he speaks on the wide range of topics including the role of educational institutions to collaborate with industry. Edited excerpts.

1. What is your view on the academic syllabus on textile studies vs Industry?

The textile curriculum and syllabus are usually updated according to industrial practice. With the advent of advancement in electronics, textile has to push itself across the boundary of learning. At our university, steps are taken to update the syllabus based on the feedback from the industry alumni and students and interdisciplinary occurs are now offered our students keeping the intestinal demand in mind. 

2. What is the need the textile industry needs to reeducate and reinvent?

Textile industry in India needs to upgrade its conventional technologies textile educational institutions can grow a significant role in this by boundary necessary power. Robotics and other advertisements in electronics are here to stay and the industry needs to enhance technological advancements. 

3. How do you compare the education syllabus for textile studies in India vs other countries?

As for the syllabus in our country, it covers the local demand and mostly the same in being offered by other countries.

4. In an ever-changing textile economy in India don’t you think we need more management-level courses in the textile sector?

Yes. The more amount of equipment oriented subjects needs to be added, finance and operational equipment need special attraction.

5. How frequent Indian students should visit the textile industry to get exposure?

They should visits as frequently as possible but I would suggest 3 to 4 visits per semester.

6. What are systems to increase education industry collaboration in the textile sector?

Joint research projects new product development and sustainable textile products are areas where industry and educational institutes can jointly work.and its substantial support from the funding agencies which can act as a great interface.

By- Swaminathan