FASHION VALUE CHAIN ( FVC) is the integrated Media and Sourcing Platform for Fashion and Apparel industry. FVC is the part of TEXTILE VALUE CHAIN ( TVC) Media , which is giving service to textile and apparel industry since 2012. Textile is incomplete without Fashion, Fashion generate Demands in Textiles and Apparel Industry. FASHION generates from Confidence and drive to be different and out of box. 

‘Kapda” ( Garments) is the basic necessity, basic necessity combines with spices and tadka’s become FASHION …!!!

Objective of the platform is to be a Mediator and Connect all contributors of Fashion Industry in to One Platform. We invite all Fashion Feista , Fashion contributors to be there in the platform and get the buyers, suppliers, information / knowledge about the industry. 

This platform is unique in a way in which we combine B2B ( business to business ) , B2C ( Business to Consumer ) , Fashion Institutes and many more, trying to give practical analysis of the industry to beat the rat race of fashion industry. 

This platform mainly categorises  in 5 segments ie. Knowledge , Events, Fashion Institutes and Students , B2B E-Commerce for Products and Services, Style and Forecast. For Collaboration , Please email us on 

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Webinar 2 : 9th October, 2021

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WEBINAR 1 : 7th August, 2021