This June, the International Textile Machinery Association exhibition (ITMA 2023) in Milan, Italy, will feature SHIMA SEIKI MFG. LTD., a leading flat knitting technology company from Wakayama, Japan.

ITMA, dubbed “the Olympics of textile machinery” and held every four years across Europe, serves as a platform for showcasing the most recent technological advancements to the textile industry. There was a time when going to ITMA meant you might anticipate seeing brand-new machines on display for the first time due to exhibition regulations. However, since the 1990s, that restriction has loosened, and more recently, the kind of anticipation that was formerly associated with manufacturers showcasing cutting-edge technology seemed to be a thing of the past.

SHIMA SEIKI, meantime, has constantly displayed remarkable results at ITMA, showcasing something fresh and exciting in every edition in line with our motto, “Ever Onward.” This custom not only continues in 2023, it also pays homage to previous ITMAs with a brand-new lineup that is primarily made up of brand-new equipment and next-generation prototypes.

The SWG-XR WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machine, which was introduced in time for SHIMA SEIKI’s 60th Anniversary celebration last year, was the first machine to use the letter “R” to designate the Next-Generation set of devices. The original SWG-X four-needlebed WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machine, which made its premiere at the Milan ITMA in 1995, served as the inspiration for the SWG-XR nomenclature. As ITMA returns to Milan, SWG-XR highlights its beginnings as a groundbreaking invention that gave rise to a new category of seamless knits. It also signifies a continuation of SHIMA SEIKI’s dedication to its consumers, the industry, and the environment, as all facets of the machine were re-evaluated in terms of its use, influence on the environment, manufacturing process, and purpose. The remainder of the company’s product line has undergone the same rejuvenation, and it is this renewal that serves as the inspiration for SHIMA SEIKI’s “Reborn” exhibition theme for ITMA 2023.

Eight of the nine knitting machines SHIMA SEIKI is displaying at its 600 square metre stand in Hall 4, Stand D209—ranging from WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machines and computerised flat knitting machines to glove knitting machines—will be Next-Generation models. There will be more than 300 things on exhibit as knitted clothing suggestions. applications in various fields ranging from fashion, sports, shoes, bags and accessories to medical, safety, automotive, aeronautical and other wearable and industrial textile applications.In addition to machine technology, SHIMA SEIKI’s SDS-ONE APEX series computer graphic design system and software will be shown with their latest software upgrades that feature significant improvements in knit programming, 3D functions and speed. Demonstrations will be available for a comprehensive fashion tech solutions package based on realistic virtual sampling and supported by various digital solutions and web services.