Leading chemical company SABIC will highlight its award-winning EXTEMTM RH1016UCL resin and other high-performance thermoplastics that can speed up the adoption of cutting-edge sensor technologies for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and related applications at Sensors Converge 2023 (Booth #1337). For ADAS camera near-infrared (IR) lenses, optical transceiver lenses, and optical connectors, EXTEM RH1016UCL resin, which received a 2023 Gold Edison Award, is a good choice.

Fusion-based sensor systems “offer a potential solution to that space shortage as more and more optical sensors are deployed on vehicles and space becomes more valuable,” said Scott Fisher, business director, ULTEM Resins and Additives, SABIC. The proper material choice for these combined sensor systems will be essential for increasing design freedom, boosting necessary for lenses made of lower-temperature materials.

SABIC will also highlight its award-winning LNPTM compounds and copolymers, ULTEM and NORYLTM resins, and NORYLTM resins during the conference. These materials can be utilised for a variety of additional ADAS sensor components, such as housings, brackets, antennae, and radar absorbers. In comparison to metal, these materials offer higher design flexibility, EMI shielding, improved radio wave absorption to reduce noise, and simplified production, all of which have the potential to improve sensor systems. For high-precision components, they might also offer IR transparency, thermal conductivity, and dimensional stability. When combined, these attributes provide design flexibility and process simplicity, possibly lowering production complexity and cost.

IR-transparent lenses micromolded from ULTEM resins and LiDAR components built from ULTEM resins and LNP will be on show at SABIC’s booth. compounds. Sensors Converge 2023 will take place June 20-22 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif., USA