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ITMA 2023 Exhibitor Preview: BENNINGER

Published: May 24, 2023

With cutting-edge technology for discontinuous dyeing and continuous wet processing, Benninger intends to become the entire system supplier for the tyre cord sector. We have always supported textile finishing facilities that are especially resource efficient because we take seriously our obligation to promote sustainable textile production.

We specialise in the continuous open-width treatment of woven and knitted fabrics, technical textiles, as well as jet dyeing machines, jiggers, along with the complete and integrated dye house supply systems such as liquid dispensing, salt and soda ash distributing systems, as well as dye staff distribution systems. We provide comprehensive solutions for all significant textile wet finishing processes. We also have waste-water heat recovery systems and caustic soda recovery facilities in our portfolio. With thanksWe provide high-quality installations with top-notch customer service because to our extensive process knowledge and profound engineering understanding.

The producers will significantly aid in decarbonizing textiles by using our technologies.

This year, BENNINGER will exhibit its most recent products at ITMA Milano:

The Fabricmaster, a brand-new Benninger jet dyeing device with unequalled water consumption numbers. It is now the most environmentally friendly method of discontinuous dyeing. Quick, economical, and headed towards leaving no footprints.The chemical dispensing system, or CDS, provides precise, unrivalled, and quick service to all varieties of discontinuous and continuous machines.The newest cold dyeing station from Benninger-Küsters, the only one that uses no salt, is for knitwear.The flawless singeing results, economic effectiveness, and uniform quality are all guaranteed by the new Benninger singeing machine, SingeRay.

sustainable methodusing the new Fabricmaster for discontinuous dyeing, which is quick, economical, and leaves no footprints.Benninger has created the industry’s quickest, most adaptable, and most affordable Jet dyeing machine, ensuring drastically accelerated process times. The Fabricmaster is not just a durable and dependable technology, but also the standard for the sector going forward. Its sonic adaptability serves as a guide for entering new markets. We manufacture the broadest variety of fabrics at the lowest cost and with the highest levels of water efficiency thanks to our passion for flawless fabric quality.

dyeing woven fabrics and knitwear without salt

Only the cold pad batch (CPB) dyeing method makes it feasible to dye without adding salt and without using energy. Additionally, this method is growing in acceptance in tropical and subtropical areas, which isBenninger-Küsters has sufficient cause to improve the CPB systems’ ability to respond to changing climatic circumstances. The BENNINGER KÜSTERS DYPAD, which we will also be showcasing once more this year at the ITMA Milano, serves as the brain of our CPB system. The knowledge of the original S-roller technique, which is synonymous with an even dyeing result throughout the entire cloth width, is only available from BENNINGER, a producer of textile machinery.

New singeing machine “SingeRay” is the best option for upgrading your fabric while using less gas.

The singeing machine is “100% made in Germany” and has two burners and a twin nozzle strip. Thanks to four cooling channels, the silicium carbide burning chambers guarantee complete combustion and a stable burner temperature. Low gas usage and a flawless flamewill increase the scope of your fibres and blends.

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