The maker of weaving machines Picanol will exhibit its most advanced high-tech weaving products and services at ITMA 2023 at Booth B201 in Hall 6. The most significant textile and apparel technology show in the world, ITMA, will be held in Milan, Italy, from June 8–14, 2023.

The Ultimax, a brand-new and ground-breaking rapier weaving machine, will make its world debut at the Picanol booth and go on sale in the first quarter of 2024. At ITMA 2023, Picanol will exhibit a total of 12 machines. Picanol will display 4 airjet weaving machines with major advancements in addition to 6 rapier weaving machines. Additionally, an airjet and a rapier machine with Jacquard execution will be on show at the Bonas booth. At the Stäubli booth, a machine in Jacquard execution will be displayed.

Since the introduction of our first rapier weaving machine, Picanol has sold more than 130,000 rapier machines globally. We have challenged ourselves to further develop our current and incredibly successful OptiMax-i Connect rapier platform. The end result is the brand-new Ultimax rapier weaving machine, which focuses on three key advantages: the highest performance and output quality, preparedness for the sustainability requirements of the future, and the greatest convenience of use due to the highest level of digitization. In order to demonstrate from the outside how revolutionary Ultimax is on the inside, the machine’s traditional Picanol exterior design has also been significantly altered, according to Johan Verstraete, vice president of weaving machines.

“Building a respectable successorWas a significant threat to the OptiMax rapier generation, which has over 60,000 active units globally. The all-new and ground-breaking Ultimax rapier machine, however, was created by fusing 85 years of expertise with fresh concepts and technologies. It excels in terms of performance and quality, is built with sustainability as a foundation, and because to its high level of digitization, is incredibly simple to use.In addition, Picanol will introduce a speed boost on its airjet platform, the OmniPlus-i Connect, during ITMA 2023. Another illustration of how Picanol sets the standard in the sector is this. A brand-new leno system called the o-Leno, which combines intelligent performance, user-friendliness, and intuitive control, will also be on show for the first time. best possible.

alterations to PicConnect

Picanol is consolidating its digital tools and services into one new fully digital platform with PicConnect. Visitors to ITMA 2023 will be able to learn about all the advantages and most recent features of PicConnect to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by its Picanol weaving machines. A lot of visitors should be interested in the recently introduced features, such as alerts, access restriction, the action centre, and the export of monitoring data, among other things.