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At Techtextil North America, Renegade Plastics will introduce zero-PVC, fire-resistant coated fabrics.

Published: May 5, 2023

The newest generation of Renegade Plastics’ zero-PVC fire retardant coated fabrics will make their premiere at Techtextil North America in Atlanta, Georgia, May 10–12, 2023, at Booth #2113. The first manufacturer of PVC-free, fire retardant polypropylene coated fabrics that are better for the environment and human health is Renegade Plastics.

According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, fire retardants frequently contain dangerous chemicals that can disrupt the thyroid and endocrine systems, cause cancer, be toxic to the reproductive system, disrupt foetal and child development, and interfere with neurobehavioral function.[1] Consumers are more worried about the materials they come into contact with every day and are frequently prepared to pay a premium for safer products as researchers shed more light on the effects of fire retardants on human health. products.

Renegade Plastics has developed a zero-PVC flame retardant coated fabric to satisfy this demand. This fabric uses a patented flame retardant composition without the use of brominated or halogenated additives. Both the European Toy Safety Standard EN71-3:2019 and California Title 19 fire retardant requirements are met by this evolutionary fabric. Most plastic recyclers can recycle Renegade’s PVC-free fabrics, and they can be washed with potent cleaners like chlorine and acetone without damaging the coating. Third-party labs have confirmed that the material is recyclable.

The evolving fabrics from Renegade Plastics are perfect for product producers that want to achieve sustainability objectives. For uses like playmats, gym mats, mattresses, and other items where people come in contact with coated fabric surfaces, they are an environmentally friendly substitute. All of Lead, phthalates, dioxins, and PFAS are permanently absent from Renegade’s exclusive polypropylene-based fabrics.According to Curran Hughes, co-founder of Renegade Plastics, “We are proud to introduce the world’s first zero-PVC, fire retardant coated fabrics at Techtextil.” Leading decision-makers from the worldwide textile business who are searching for cutting-edge, game-changing fabrics are drawn to this show. Our objective is to create a circular economy for industrial fabrics and plastics, which will eliminate harmful chemicals, lower carbon emissions, and open the door to healthier people and a better world one yard of fabric at a time. This is in addition to bringing safer, more sustainable fabrics to market.

Renegade Plastics won the Cleantech Open in 2022 and was selected Quality Fabric of the Month by Textile World in August 2022. Grand Prize for the United States in October 2022.

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