The India ITME exhibition is the ideal platform for textile manufacturers to source, as well as learn about, the latest textile technologies. Successfully serving the Indian textile industry for more than eight decades, A.T.E. and its principals have been enthusiastic participators in every edition of the ITME expo and this year is no exception.

With more than 2000 square metres of space at ITME, A.T.E. and its principals will showcase leading edge textile technology products and solutions – from spinning, fabric forming and processing. In addition, we will also display automation for textile machinery, effluent treatment, nonwovens, synthetics and carpets and much more! A.T.E.’s own pavilion of more than 500 square metres carries 20 textile processing principals such as Fong’s, Monforts, and Zimmer, Osthoff Senge, Mahlo, CEIA, Danti Paolo, Color Service, Guarneri Technology, and more.

A.T.E.’s pavilion will also house our business units such as HMX (heating and cooling solutions), AxisValence (electrostatic control and defect detection systems), A.T.E. Automation division (automation, machine upgrade, and core/slub yarn systems), A.T.E. HUBER Envirotech (wastewater solutions) and EcoAxis (industrial IoT solutions). 

TeraSpin has its own stall and will display our world-class spindles, drafting systems, cradles and inserts, A.T.E. automation division’s solutions for core and slub yarn and DeChang’s compact spinning.

A.T.E. can offer a package of machinery for processing woven, knit, denim, terry fabrics and technical textiles. The representatives of all our principals will be available at our pavilion to discuss the latest technology for processing various substrates.

Principal stalls at ITME:

Principal        Hall



H10A3Spinning, Card Clothing, Non-Woven and Man-Made Fibres
H15C10D9ISOWARP sectional warping machine
H1A1B2Soft-flow high temperature dyeing machine for dyeing, automation and digitalisation solution
H10B8All new spindle and drafting components for ring frames
H10B8Slub and core yarn systems
H1A1B2Electrostatic discharging and charging, 100% print and surface defect detection and spot viewing
H1A1B2System for automatic powder dyes storage, auto weighing and dyes dissolution
H10E11Systems for fabric inspection, yarn tenacity and cotton quality testing, and more
H10B8Compact spinning and components