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56% Increase in Sales for REITER; Preparation for ITMA On-Going

Published: February 6, 2023

Currently, there is a very challenging environment which is going on with regards to the sales and exports in a very positive way. The EBT margin of the current FY-2022. There is a huge rise of inflation which has a backlog of 840 million as of 2022.

For this, it becomes necessary to safeguard all the deliveries to compensate for the material bottlenecks. This results in the additional development in expenditure. There were expenses which were incurred with the acquired business.

The Reiter managed to succeed with the profits. The first half of 2022 could see a higher sales value. This could be a measure to compensate for the increased costs and a positive EBIT margin of 2% (which is for the whole year). The sales of CHF were estimated to be 510.9 million which is 56% more in comparison to 2021.  The whole market situation will be characterized by this and the investment restraint to the geo-political uncertainities which will be costlier and consumer reticence.

The backlog of 540 million will be extended up to 2023 and 2024 as well. Apart from this, there are cancellation records from the Reiters end which is less than 10% (which was in order of the backlog remaining in CHF 1- 840 million). It is believed that Reiters will be continuing to boost the capability and the technology leadership for the ITMA 2023 which is in Milan.

There is also an implementation period in order to execute the action plan to increase the sales and the ongoing profitability. This favours the current trend and the logistics that have a impact. The progress is mainly made on eliminating the material bottlenecks and reducing the expenses for the 3 acquired businesses. There is also a sales process for the Reiter site in Winterthur, Switzerland which will be proceeding according to the plan. There are 75000 m2 land which has been sold. The Reiter Campus was not included in the transaction.


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