Using the Carbon Trust Footprinting Tool at Avery Dennison

Published: March 29, 2023

To maintain its push for transparency and ongoing improvement in environmental impact monitoring and reporting on its label products, Avery Dennison Corporation is switching to a custom carbon footprinting tool developed in partnership with the Carbon Trust.

The Carbon Trust footprinting tool uses verified primary data from Avery Dennison’s operations to more precisely measure the impact of current and future label products as customers and legislators demand more reliable information about product impacts and Avery Dennison looks for more accurate ways to measure improvements within its processing and sourcing decisions.

“As a company, we’ve been monitoring and evaluating the sustainability of our products for the past 10 years, and this is another crucial step in our mission to deliver the most accurate information,” the company said. to our clients,” claims Claudia Mariconda, Materials Group’s global director of sustainability. “By utilising the Carbon Trust footprinting tool, we provide further transparency and provide clients with a more reliable assessment of the consequences of our label products.”

The Carbon Trust footprinting tool aims to offer data on the global greenhouse gas and water footprint of an expanding range of label and packaging materials from Avery Dennison, including specific faces, liners, and adhesives. The GHG Protocol Product Standard, PAS2050, and ISO-14067 reporting and verification methodologies are all in line with the footprint reports. The objective of The Carbon Trust, a global climate consultancy, is to hasten the transition to a decarbonized future. For more than 20 years, it has led the way in decarbonization for enterprises, governments, and organisations worldwide. the globe. The Carbon Trust assists businesses in their transition to Net Zero by drawing on a global network of more than 300 professionals.


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