According to Patrick Krieger, vice president of sustainability at PLASTICS, “we are happy with the Biden Administration’s awareness of the critical need for plastics and emphasising research to make them even better.” “Our industry has always been devoted to improving on sustainable materials, and we look forward to collaborating with the administration to produce novel plastics, whether by creating new biobased feedstocks or enhancing more recyclable polymers,” said one representative of the sector.

The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), which represents over one million workers in the $468 billion U.S. plastics sector, is the only group that supports the full plastics supply chain, including equipment suppliers, material suppliers, processors, and recyclers. PLASTICS furthers the goals of its members, who are committed to spending money on innovations that boost capacities and enhance recycling. and sustainability, as well as through offering necessities that enable the defence and safety of our existence. Through educational initiatives, market-leading insights and events, convening opportunities, and policy advocacy, including the largest plastics trade show in the Americas, NPE2024: The Plastics Show, PLASTICS has been working to increase the global competitiveness of its members and the sixth largest U.S. manufacturing industry while promoting circularity since 1937.