The SS23 MP Activewear Tempo Ultra collection is designed for people who want affordable, performance-optimizing activewear with a low environmental impact. It features innovative Polygiene® technology for a smell-free, fresher feel and more Mindful LivingTM.

The Tempo Ultra collection, which will be available on February 24th, 2023, caters to HIIT-hungry athletes and regular gym-goers. MP Activewear has been using Polygiene technology in their products since 2022, and they are now incorporating Polygiene StayFreshTM throughout the Tempo Ultra collection. MP Activewear’s premium apparel will now benefit from the ability of our performance technology to eliminate odours, prevent bacteria spread, and reduce the need for washing.Desirable added performance designed for environmentally conscious athletes.The Tempo Ultra collection is ideal for HIIT and gym workouts, and it is the ultimate range to tackle any challenge.Mesh panels and Coolmax technology keep you cool and allow you to push harder.

Sweat-wicking, quick-drying fabrics wick moisture away from the skin while still allowing athletes to stretch and flex.Along with performance-enhancing technical advantages, Activewear MP offers a distinct sense of style. Throughout the collection, seamless constructions ensure a flattering profile and eliminate rubbing. The use of bright colours is prevalent, and the printed, patterned finishes on several products catch the eye.

Polygiene StayFreshTM prioritises environmental sustainability while exceeding performance expectations.Polygiene’s performance technology ensures a more hygienic feel, boosts self-confidence, and allows you to train harder, perform better, and achieve your fitness goals without worrying about stink.

However, Polygiene can reduce your environmental impact by up to one-third by skipping every second wash, saving 3,800 litres of water and 51 kWh of electricity per year. Your equipment will also last longer, saving you money and lowering consumption. At a time when energy prices are rising, water shortages are common, and the cost-of-living crisis is biting, Polygiene StayFreshTM technology can impact your daily life and the environment by allowing you to wash your clothes less frequently.

  • Benefits of Polygiene StayFreshTM in a Nutshel
  • Reduces odor-causing bacteria in clothing, allowing you to stink less.
  • Feel fresh and comfortable for longer, allowing you to wear more and wash less.
  • Reduces the use of energy, water, and detergent.
  • Washing less can reduce the environmental impact by up to one-third.
  • Last but not least, your favourite products longer, saving you money and reducing waste.
  • Towards a more sustainable future

Our collaboration with MP Activewear reflects the brand’s understanding that sustainability is important to all manufacturers. “Not only does Polygiene increase the longevity of our product and eliminate odours by preventing bacteria growth, but we also believe Polygiene is a perfect partner in terms of sustainability,” said Lauren Sandison, MP Activewear’s Sourcing Manager. “Its brand message of “wear more, wash less” is something we want to educate our own customers on. Including Polygiene technology in some of our designs benefits both the product and the purpose!