• Farmers in Kenya will receive free chemicals and training to ensure optimum production as part of efforts to support the country’s cotton industry, and the government is expected to supply adequate raw materials for the textile sector.
  • On the project, the Rift Valley Textile East Africa Ltd., the agricultural ministry, and the department for industrialization will work together.

The government is anticipated to provide enough raw materials for the textile sector, and Kenya recently announced that farmers will receive free chemicals and training to achieve the highest production.

The Rift Valley Textile East Africa Ltd (RIVATEX), the state department for industrialization, and the ministry of agriculture will work together on the project.

The action is anticipated to strengthen the local cotton sector.

The Rift Valley Textile Mills (Rivatex) and the Luanda ginnery in Busia received Sh7 billion from the government for modernization, but the facilities aren’t using their full potential because of the broken cotton value chain.

According to Kenyan media sources, Beatrice Nyamwanu, the interim director general of the Agriculture and Food Authority, stated that the increased attention to revitalize the sector will increase cotton output, which is now at 3,000 metric tonnes.

Kenya now only produces 28,000 cotton bales per year compared to a demand for 140,000 bales. Eighty percent of the raw materials used by businesses are imported from East Africa, China, and India in order to fulfill demand.  

By-Mansi Suryawanshi