Hyosung, which is dedicated to spending money on ongoing innovation, will display its most recent eco-friendly textile products at the Functional Fabric Show in Portland, Oregon, April 4-5, booth 1413A.

Hyosung’s innovative creora® bio-based Black spandex, which is created partially from renewable resources and has received certification from the USDA and SGS, will be highlighted since it produces fewer carbon emissions than conventional spandex production. The business will also introduce its 100% recycled, third-party certified creora regen Black spandex, offering water-saving choices for a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process. These fibres offer the same strong stretch and recovery advantages as its traditional creora Black spandex, as well as a deeper, darker black colour to help prevent grin-through. In order to create a dope-dyed Black spandex with the added benefit of being partially created from renewable resources, several brands approached us. or 100 percent recycled,” stated Simon Whitmarsh-Knight, head of textile marketing for Hyosung Global. So, it made perfect sense to combine the technology used to create our popular creora Black spandex to our creora regen and creora bio-based spandex in order to suit the varied needs of our clients.

Hyosung will also display fabrics created using its new regen ocean, a GRS-certified, 100 percent recycled nylon manufactured from used fishing nets and other recycled nylon trash, from its international mill partners during the show. To generate exceptional-quality yarn that satisfies businesses’ performance requirements and advances their corporate sustainability goals, Hyosung engages in a thorough collecting, chemical recycling, and creation process. Whitmarsh-Knight stated that “cleaning up our oceans is crucially important for the health of our planet.” “Brands can use our ocean-based recycled fibre offering.” develop fully traceable, environmentally friendly goods that meet company sustainability goals and provide consumers a strong statement.

Hyosung will put a wide range of textiles and concept garments created by its Fashion Design Center (FDC) on display to better assist product developers and designers in visualising items built with Hyosung’s full range of performance fibres. Other featured yarns include the following in addition to creora® regen Black spandex, creora® bio-based Black spandex, and regen ocean.