For example, 3MTM ThinsulateTM Flowable Featherless Insulation and 3MTM ThinsulateTM Xerogel Insulation will be on display at the Functional Fabric Expo Portland—powered by Performance Days, which will be held April 4-5 at the Oregon Convention Center. At booth 1502, 3M Thinsulate will be present along with its exhibiting partner, Keystone Creations Ltd.

“The 3M Thinsulate brand offers a variety of recycled material alternatives that are approved by The Global Recycled Standard, OEKO-TEX®, and the Bluesign® System. According to Melissa Blakely, global portfolio director for 3M Thinsulate, “We are well-positioned to assist outwear brands in meeting the growing needs of socially conscious consumers who also seek style, quality, and performance.” “3M continually develops Thinsulate products that don’t just perform well in terms of warmth. In addition to flexibility in design, adaptability, and durability, outerwear manufacturing uses are numerous.

At Climate Week NYC last fall, 3M displayed its 3M Thinsulate 100% Recycled Featherless Insulation at a temporary 3M Climate Innovation Center. The most recent iteration of this product, 3M Thinsulate Flowable Featherless Insulation, is a light, lofty synthetic insulation perfect for use in puffy clothing as a down substitute. It is specially created to be flowable for simple application to clothes using a range of filling machines and simply shaped to fill the distinctive quilting channels of garments. It is made up of at least 80% recycled material. Moreover, it has a high wash durability, so even after washing, it will retain its thermal performance.

60% post-consumer recycled material is fused with 3M Thinsulate Xerogel Insulation. Xerogel is an extremely light solid that is distinguished by its capacity to hold onto heat even when crushed. It has been demonstrated to be 20 times more breathable and nearly twice as warm than heritage 3M Thinsulate Insulation products developed for footwear. It is primarily intended for boots and gloves. The product’s low dusting, flexibility, and minimal breakage make it simple to apply at the mill level. “3Mers from all over the world are working together and combining their in-depth scientific expertise with our manufacturing capabilities to develop answers for the most urgent climate concerns. Science offers promise for a better future, and we are investing to help realise it, according to John Banovetz, executive vice president, chief technology officer, and environmental responsibility at 3M.