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Pantone Color Insitute Releases Fashion Colour Trend Report For New York Fashion Week

Published: February 15, 2023

For New York Fashion Week, Pantone LLC, the leading authority on colour and provider of industry-recognized colour standards, today issued the Pantone® Fashion Color Trend Report Autumn/Winter 2023–24 edition (NYFW). The Pantone Color Institute, a trend-forecasting and colour consultant, released a study for the fashion industry this season that includes the top 10 striking colours as well as the five new classics we may anticipate seeing as fashion designers debut their new spring/summer collections.

The colours for NYFW Autumn/Winter 2023–24, according to experts at the Pantone Color Institute, are symbolic of a new reality. The colours for Autumn/Winter 2023–24 represent our goal to transmit the joy of creativity and design joy into our lives, looking forward into the future with happiness and eagerness. EncouragingThese colour combinations invite research and experimentation as well as liberated, enjoyable, and inclusive colour fantasies.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, stated that the colours for NYFW Autumn/Winter 2023–24 “stretch out beyond what we think is possible to catapult us into this new period, transporting us to a realm where limits of time, location, and identity are no longer defined.” “Colors for NYFW Autumn/Winter 2023/2024 express an increase in tempo with a warm combination of happy tones and traditional shades recontextualized with a new edge. The colours of this season urge us to awaken and appreciate the autumn/winter season by acting as a medium for vitality and passion.

Regarding the colour scheme for NYFW’s Autumn/Winter 2023–2024:

A variety of vibrant colours make room forbroad and unrestricted fashion fantasies.

PANTONE 12-0912 TCX Tender Peach is a gentle shade that begs for a gentle touch.

PANTONE 17-2624 TCX Rose Violet is an enticing shade of fuchsia that exudes tremendous intensity.

TCX PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta: Strong and liberating An animated red named Viva Magenta encourages exploration and individual expression.

Red Orange, PANTONE 17-1464 TCX, is a hot, lively orange tone that is both spontaneous and self-assured.

PANTONE 19-1555 TCX Red Dahlia: The commanding Red Dahlia personifies elegance.

PANTONE 13-0751 TCX High Visibility: High Visibility exudes the warmth and beauty of the sun and conveys happiness and good cheer.

PANTONE 17-3934 TCX Persian Jewel: Inspired by the priceless lapis lazuli mineral stone, Persian Jewel is a magnificent blue colour.

TSX PANTONE 13-6030 mentholated green Carnival Glass   Carnival Glass looks ice and cools and refreshes.

TCX PANTONE 17-1544 Burnt Sienna: Firm and constant Burnt Sienna exudes an elegant earthiness.

TSX PANTONE 14-0255 Kohlrabi: The flavorful, green Kohlrabi provides a touch of zing.

Regarding the New Classics for Autumn/Winter 2023–2024:

Recontextualized with a contemporary twist using traditional tones.

PANTONE 11-0608 TCX Coconut Milk: Milky white with a faint taste undertone.

Eclipse, PANTONE 19-3810 TCX Eclipse is a gloomy blue with a convincing aura of grandeur.

TCX PANTONE 16-1333 Doe: Doe is a tawny, touchable brown that evokes a gentle warmth.

PANTONE 19-0913 TCX Hot Fudge: Hot Fudge tempts the taste buds with its delicious delicacy.

TCX PANTONE 13-4403 White Birch: Silver Birch endures the test of time because it is a timeless natural grey.


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