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Low export orders; poly spun & PC yarn prices remain stable in India

Published: April 20, 2023

India’s rates for polyester-cotton (PC) and poly spun yarn held steady despite a lack of new purchases from the weaving industry. Although production operations geared towards exports may increase up by the end of April, buyers were unenthusiastic about potential purchases because of fewer orders. The export orders for the upcoming season, according to traders, are not promising. The cost of polyester fibre has climbed by 2 to 110 per kg, according to Reliance Industries Limited.

Slow demand was observed in the Surat market in Gujarat, but prices remained constant at earlier levels. The 40 count poly spun yarn was sold for 158-159 per kilogramme, and the 30 count poly spun yarn was sold for 142-143 per kg (including GST).the market for weaving products The economy was still quite bad, and purchasers were hesitant to secure new contracts without confirmation of the demand for fabrics. A rise in buying would result in higher yarn prices. According to a merchant from Surat, the Quality Control Order (QCO) implementation failed to raise prices and threatened to stymie domestic market supply.

The Ludhiana market also highlighted price stability for PC and polyester spun yarn, and towards the end of the current month, export-focused garment production operations might start. Export orders, meanwhile, are not encouraging. Low orders have made purchasers reluctant to buy raw materials. The prices of yarn and fabric may rise if new orders increase, but this is not likely to occur very soon, according to a merchant in Ludhiana. The demand for the upstream business is also being impacted by the import of PC and poly spun yarn from China.

The cost of the 30 count poly spun yarn at the Ludhiana market ranged from 155 to 163 rupees per kilogramme (GST included). Both the 30 count PC carded yarn (65/35) and the 30 count PC combed yarn (48/52) were consistently marketed for 220-230 per kg (GST included). According to TexPro, a market research tool from , recycled polyester fibre (PET bottle fibre) was priced between $77 and $80 per kg.

For the upcoming fortnight, Reliance has raised the price of polyester staple fibre by 2 to 110 per kg.

As North Indian cotton prices followed the upward trend of local cotton futures, they increased. Cotton was priced between $20 and $40. higher than the previous closing prices by a pound of 37.2 kg. Trade sources claim that cotton futures, which were observed to be higher on MCX, provided support for the spot market. MNCs were particularly active purchasers since they needed to make purchases to meet their supply commitments. Only 7,000 170 kg bales of cotton were imported into north India, and it was sold for between 6,300 and 6,400 rupees per maund in Punjab, 6,350 to 6,450 in Haryana, 6,550 to 6,650 in upper Rajasthan, and between 61,200 and 63,000 rupees every candy of 356 kg in lower Rajasthan.

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