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India’s cotton production is further decreased to 303 lakh bales by an industry association.

Published: April 21, 2023

According to the industry’s monthly revision, India’s cotton production has been further down to 303 lakh 170 kg bales. It is important to note that India’s estimated cotton production for the marketing year 2022–2023 (October–September) is now lower than the production in 2021–2022. The output for the previous year was estimated at 307 lakh bales. The cotton harvest was impacted by illness and erratic weather.

The March 2023 report on cotton production and other trading activity was made public by the Cotton Association of India (CAI). According to the study, cotton production fell from 313 lakh bales in February 2023 to 303 lakh bales in March 2023. In the February and January 2023 reports, the output of cotton was forecast to be 321 and 330 lakh bales, respectively. Last After numerous lower adjustments, the production was ultimately assessed at 307 lakh bales for the year.

According to CAI, production in north India, which includes lower Rajasthan, may drop from 50.27 lakh bales to 41 lakh bales. The largest output region in India, Central India, may generate 186 lakh bales as opposed to 171.30 lakh bales last year. Gujarat is expected to produce 92 lakh bales this year compared to 76.30 lakh bales last year, followed by Maharashtra with 75 lakh bales (which is identical from last year) and Madhya Pradesh with 19 lakh bales (down from 20 lakh bales last year). Production in South India is anticipated to be 69.50 lakh bales, down from the 80.40 lakh bales produced the previous year.

According to CAI’s study, there will be a supply of 190.63 lakh bales, or 229.02 lakh bales, up until March 2023. 6.50 lakh bales of imports, 31.89 lakh bales of carryover stock, and 31.89 lakh bales of arrivals. It predicted that 149 lakh bales would be needed for the first six months’ supply, while 10.50 lakh bales would be exported in March.

349.89 lakh bales of cotton were predicted to be available through September 2023 for the entire season. This amount is made up of an opening stock of 31.89 lakh bales, 303 lakh bales from the current crop, and 15 lakh bales from imports. With exports unlikely to exceed 25 lakh bales, CAI predicted domestic consumption at 311 lakh bales.


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