Farmers may now have to wait a little longer for the next generation of Bt cotton because the regulator, Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC), in a recent decision requested that Mahyco submit a new dossier detailing the hybrid’s claims of efficacy against specific targeted pests as well as a new socio-economic analysis of those pests.

This, according to industry insiders, might further delay the commercialization of the improved Bt cotton variety (known as BG-2 Round Up Ready, or BG-2 RRF), and that too at a time when the market has been flooded with Bt that has been grown illegally.

With the arrival of the monsoon, cotton sowing is anticipated to begin across the nation, mostly in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, etc. The minutes of the GEAC’s meeting from last month were made public a few days ago.MASTER S.R.L. Introduce The New “Craftyflow” And “Craftyrope” For The Dyeing Of Denim Warps

We are thrilled to announce the revolution that the new MASTER machines “Craftyflow” and “Craftyrope” for dyeing denim warps represent as we proudly commemorate 60 years since the founding of MASTER S.R.L. These machines are the only ones with the extraordinary capability to work both according to traditional technique (natural atmosphere) and in nitrogen atmosphere.

Due to its inventive and unique dual-technology, these specific machines may advantageously add to run the bottoming, topping, and sandwich processes under nitrogen, with results that have never been attained before.

Instead, when Nitrogen is used, a more advanced ecological system, with fewer than half as many dyeing boxes, the machines allow a reduction in the consumption of chemicals:

  1. 75% hydrosulfite,
  2. 80% caustic soda, and
  3. 80% water

Using cutting-edge dyeing techniques, the highest level of sustainability is accomplished with effects that are singular and unmatched on conventional machinery.

This remarkable accomplishment is the result of the ongoing research and testing that made Master a pioneer in indigo dyeing by allowing him to introduce the “slasher” machine to the world in 1972.

Then, as we continued to develop, in 2004 we reached a new milestone with the creation of the ground-breaking Genius modules, which introduced the nitrogen atmosphere dyeing method.

Some of the most significant denim manufacturers have embraced our nitrogen dyeing method for denim warps, and it has also been incorporated into our ground-breaking “BINGO,” the distinctive flexible and cutting-edge equipment for fabric dyeing, ideal for indigo and sulphur colours.

In reality, these specific machines have the possibility to operate both in air and under Nitrogen, represent the state of the art, in terms of adding to tradition, innovation of processes and products, higher versatility, ease of use and most of all quality of results and sustainability.

MASTER is ready for the future and to support denim industry.
MASTER will not be present at ITMA, but we will be available to meet you at our offices and/or send you more details.