The Apulia Regenerative Cotton Project is a new initiative from the Armani Group in partnership with the Sustainable Markets Initiative and the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance.

The action demonstrates the brand's dedication to environmentally friendly methods in the Italian fashion sector.

The project’s goal is to create an experimental agroforestry regenerative cotton site using cutting-edge techniques to improve soil fertility, preserve biodiversity, and conserve water.

Milan-based Giorgio Armani emphasised the importance of material choice and the need to address the textile industry’s environmental impact. The project represents a significant step towards regenerative fashion becoming a reality. The Circular Bioeconomy Alliance was established in 2020 by King Charles, then Prince of Wales, to connect the dots between finance, companies operating within bio-based value chains and action on the ground to restore land, enhance biodiversity and provide jobs and prosperity to local and indigenous communities.

The Apulia region’s mild climate provides an ideal environment for diverse agricultural crops. The project revives the long-standing tradition of cotton farming in the region and will gradually expand its cultivation area over the coming years.