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Sauler-Enabler Circular Economy And Leader In Progress For Recycled Textiles

Published: February 15, 2023

The leading supplier of spinning and twisting machine solutions, Saurer, will be at the DTG in Dhaka from February 15–18 at booth 272. The automation, digitalization, and energy-saving characteristics of Saurer’s spinning and twisting machines are well-known. The leaders in the processing of recovered textile materials are Saurer machines, which support the circular economy in textiles. The Texparts product line from Saurer provides premium spinning accessories.

With the help of Saurer, spinning mills may produce a variety of recycled and regenerated fibres and yarns. Leaders in the processing of recycled fibres are the Saurer rotor spinning machines. Experts in textile technology from Saurer regularly help clients improve their yarn output and quality, particularly for recycled fibres. Historically, Saurercommitted to developing the textile industry, combining the production of high-end machinery with contemporary information technology to deliver advanced solutions for the smart spinning plant.

Exceptional sliver quality with the blow room and carding equipment from Saurer

Excellent fibre utilisation and sliver quality are guaranteed with Saurer’s blow room and carding equipment used in conjunction to maximise spinning efficiency and yarn quality. The new Autocard was developed to add more value to the process of fibre preparation.

The gold standard for clever roving and ring spinning

Utilizing the Autospeed roving frame with automatic doffer guarantees that spinning mills do not need to rely on expert labour while also improving the roving’s quality. The Autospeed roving frame can carry 240 people. Compared to the previous generation, spindles use up to 20% less energy, and doffing is completed in under 2 minutes.

Two extremely productive ring and compact spinning machines are the ZR 72XL and ZI 72XL. They established the international standards for energy efficiency, user friendliness, intelligent spinning, and adaptable automation systems.

The industry leader in rotor spinning is Saurer.

The Autocoro technologies are used to power the BD 7 semi-automated rotor spinning machine. With take-up speeds of up to 230 m/min and the unique digital piecing technology, DigiPiecing, the BD 7 significantly raises yarn quality and productivity for spinning mills.

The Autocoro is the market and technological leader that transformed autonomous rotor-spinning technology and provided customers all over the world with greater productivity, flexibility, and sustainability. In One million Autocoro spinning positions with individual drive technology and energy-saving features were installed by Saurer in just ten years.

The new air spinning technology is called Autoairo.

Setting new standards for air spinning is the Autoairo. Saurer has developed an air-spinning machine with special qualities by fusing its most cutting-edge automation solutions with tried-and-true technology. For increased efficiency and built-in intelligence, the Autoairo has independent spinning positions with automation for each spinning unit.

Components from Texparts to increase ring spinning output

For the textile sector, Saurer’s Texparts product range provides premium components such drafting systems and spindles, spinning rings, and travellers. The new Eshape double elastic spindle is based on CS 1 S and has a smaller wharf diameter. Excellent running characteristics up to 30 000 rpm and around 6% Saurer installed 1,000,000 Autocoro rotating positions with individual drive technology and energy-saving features in under ten years.

Autoairo is a novel technology for spinning air.

In terms of air spinning, the Autoairo raises the bar. In order to produce an air-spinning machine with distinctive features, Saurer coupled its most cutting-edge automation solutions with tried-and-true technology. With automation for each spinning unit, the Autoairo offers autonomous spinning positions with increased efficiency and built-in intelligence.

Texparts components to increase ring spinning output                            

High quality textile industry components, including as drafting systems and spindles, spinning rings, and travellers, are available from Saurer’s Texparts product line. Eshape, a novel double elastic spindle with a smaller wharf diameter, is based on CS 1 S. exceptional running qualities up to 30 000 rpm and around 6% .The most important performance aspects are energy savings. E-shape is the ideal fit for automatic and effective ring spinning when combined with Spinnfinity, the greatest technology for spinning without under-winding.

The FusionTwister twists two for one at the fastest rates.

The two-for-one twisting machine FusionTwister, which is frequently used for high-quality towels and bed lining, provides high efficiency together with the exceptional quality of the cross-wound delivery packages produced. The FusionTwister may increase winding speed by 10% while saving up to 15% of energy. Our sturdy machine design and optimised yarn guiding parts, which are made of ceramics that are friendly to yarn or have plasma-coated surfaces for reduced friction and durability, produce consistently high yarn and package quality.

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