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Punjab Has the Highest Number of Women MSMEs Owner

Published: February 7, 2023


Punjab has 87,039 women owned micro,small and medium enterprise (MSME) owner which is the largest for any region so far. This was calculated on the basis of the Udyam  registration portal.

Whereas, in Haryana, there are appriximatley, 71 womern led MSME. Out of all the MSME owner, Punjab has 3,57,703 registartions over the website of MSME which also has the top 10 MSME registrations on the Udyam Portal till date. The share of the women MSME woners in 24%. 64,961 women had already registered by July 2020

Apaprt from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh too have women MSME owner. They have 13,551 and 3,885 respectively. In Himachal Pradesh, 17 MSMEs are at a verge of shut down. In Maharashtra, there 27 women who own an MSME. Out of all the women MSME owners, only 1.8 crore have registered in the Udyog Addhar Memorandum and Udyam website till now. 17,241 MSMEs had to be shut down their operations during this period.

The central government has rserved 3% to support the MSME owners which comes under the public procurement from women owned MSME. The central government has already launched “Samarth”-  a special entreuperenurship drive for women with a guaranteed coverage of 85% and a concession of 10%. This applies to the small and micro business owners. This scheme has guaranteed loans which can be availed by all the 13.79 lakh accounts owned by women. This scheme came into existence in the year 2000

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