PRINTING United Alliance is the member-based printing and graphic association in the USA. The company has announced the name of the new senior vice-president. Joshua Carruth will be the new senior vice president. Joshua Carruth has been associated with the company since 2021 as the managing director of apparels.

He will the medium of launch of the apparelist media brand for the successful PRINTING United Expo community in 2022  in Las VegasAdditional initiatives for Apparel Decoration Summit is been looked after. Carruth has a good amount of experience in the apparel decorator space which has helped in the growth of the Alliance group since the past few years. The responses are quite overwhelming.

Carruth has been active with his experiences with Alliance executive along with the Vice – President Chip Danby who will be overseeing Apparelist brand activity. This will continue to champion the segment from the content perspective. They will be sharing regular information in both online and offline mode through the weekly newsletters.

In a conversation with Dave Leskusy, president, PRINTING United Allaince, “We have, together, implemented key partnerships and support from the community in a variety of ways, and we’re just getting stated. He also said, “We are glad to have Josh in this role to ensure that all members have to best experience and are able to take full advantage of all our valuable programs and services which we plan to continue to build on in the months and years to come. We are excited to replicate what we’ve done for the apparel community to other market segments to elevate the member experience across the board”.