The specially machines which are designed for these spinners by Zellweger Uster, a business involved in the nascent electronics industry at the time.

Today, that business is known as Uster Technologies, and it’s safe to say that every manufacturer of textiles in the world is familiar with the brand name of its most well-known item, the Uster Tester. In truth, textile mills only use the word “Uster” to describe the equipment and the evenness testing procedure. The Uster Tester has evolved and been expanded during the past 75 years in step with quick-moving technical advancements. With the help of innovative software and particularly constructed sensors, measurement capabilities have been expanded. A distinctive Quality Management Platform for the entire mill has been built by connectivity with other Uster systems at every level of processing. space in the sectors of their choice. The complete value chain for the manufacture of textiles and apparel, including textile composites, is covered by a total of 20 product sectors.

“Sustainability is no longer simply a slogan; the industry has to act faster to implement the sustainability agenda to protect the future of their business,” said Mr. Ernesto Maurer, President of CEMATEX. Many of our members focused their resources on R&D efforts during the pandemic. The timing of ITMA 2023 is ideal for giving our exhibitors a chance to present these innovative goods and cutting-edge technologies. The key to success will be to combine R&D with environmental initiatives, if and when they are implemented.

“Our visitors can anticipate seeing the newest innovations during ITMA 2023. We expect that apparel and the opportunity to network with top players in the textile business will be taken advantage of by clothing manufacturers, brands, and retailers at ITMA. Additionally, they can learn about market trends and advancements at various supplementary events.