Piyush Goyal, the Indian minister of commerce and industry, recently voiced his displeasure with the footwear business and asked for more time to comply with the quality control order (QCO) for the leather and footwear sector, which was issued in October 2020.

He was speaking at a Federation of Indian Exporters Organisations (FIEO) award ceremony.Players in the industrial sector previously encouraged the government to delay the implementation of the QCO by 12 months since enterprises are not yet ready to adhere to the rules.

Goyal, however, asserted that no QCO is launched without proper industry consultations. He was quoted by a news source as adding that these orders were not issued suo moto but rather after thorough consultations with the industry. agency.He claimed that the industry was also waging a media campaign against the decree.

The protective footwear QCO was the first of the three QCOs to go into effect, starting in January 2022. The other two would take effect on July 1 of this year.

“We’ve extended twice at the industry’s request…Where is the issue of still being unable to comply? There are some conflicts of interest.A similar problem also existed with toys, he continued.

Manufacturers must comply with the QCO’s requirements, which include setting up testing facilities, getting Bureau of Indian Standards licences, and following the guidelines for ISI mark issuance.