North India’s cotton yarn market is witnessing a price stability due to the cold wave. In the cold wave, the demand was average and the purchase rate was average as well. This stability can be mainly seen in the northern places such as Delhi,Panipat and Ludhina, Punjab.

The recycled yarn is facing a muted demand. The prices and the demand have remained steady since last week in the Ludhiana market. The cotton market demand does not mark or does not allow to buy the weaving industry. The prices in Ludhiana was sold at Rs.280-290 per kg with GST included. The prices of carded yarn was also steady.

In Delhi, the prices of the yarn were unmoved.. This is unlikely to see un-improvement. The yarn was sold at Rs.280-285 per kg with added GST.

In Panipat, the recycled trade was steady. As there was a economic challenge, the export demand was muted. The white yarns and the recycled yarns were sold at Rs.145-150 and 80-85 per kg respectively.

The North India’s cotton prices were subsequently amid low arrival. There were 9000 bales of 170 per kg. This has affected Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana with Rs..6225-6325, Rs.6425-6500, Rs. 60,000-Rs.61,700 respectively for 356 kg .