Long staple cotton is one of the most demanded which is greatly produced by the textile industry. Through the budget, the industry has received a major encouragement in matters of the growth of the industry.

As per the trade experts, the ELS cotton requirement is Rs.20 lakh cotton bales out of which 170 kgs were sold. India is a country which produces 5 lakh bales. This is a disadvantage because India has to depend on imports coming from Egypt and the USA for a high quality fibre.

What exactly is ELS cotton?

Extra long cotton, also known as ELS is a high end fabric and in sewing thread. Being a major cotton producer, India lags production of ELS cotton. Due to this reason, there is a dependency on imports from the foreign nations. Efforts need to be made in order to increase the availability of ELS.

Though the industry expected more than the government, the saddled returns and decreasing yields are still continuing to be there. According to Ram Kaundinya, Director-General of Federation of Seed Industry of India, “We wanted the government to announce measures to promote research which will go a long way in promoting ELS varities. We, however will wait for the finer details of the announcements made in the budget”

The ELS cotton mainly belongs to species named “Narbadena”. It is a long duration crap. Here, the yields are low and the Pink Bollworm attacks are at a higher rate. The idea of ELS cotton has a huge scope in India market.  M Prabhakara Rao has welcomed the idea