“Foodgrains, Oilseed Harvests Will Break Records”, Says Center

Published: May 26, 2023

According to the “third advance estimates of production of major crops” published by the Union Agriculture Ministry here on May 25 the Centre is forecasting record production of rice, wheat, maize, soybean, rapeseed, mustard, and sugarcane.

In announcing the projections, Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Narendra Singh Tomar stated that the nation will produce 3305.34 lakh metric tonnes (LMT) of foodgrains during the current agricultural year. He gave the Centre for Growth’s farmer-friendly policies, the expertise of academics, and the farmers themselves credit. Based on input from States, the production of various crops is evaluated.

The Centre anticipates growing 1355.42 LMT of rice, 1127.43 LMT of wheat, 111.66 LMT of bajra, 547.48 LMT of coarse cereals, and 359.13 LMT of other food grains. LMT of maize. Rice output in 2021–2022 was 1294.71 LMT, while wheat production was 1077.42 LMT. In comparison to 2021–2022, the overall amount of foodgrain output is forecast to increase by 149.18 LMT. Wheat will increase by 50.01 LMT, and rice could climb by 60.71 LMT.

The Centre projects that 275.04 LMT of pulses will be produced. According to estimates, the production of moong will be 37.40 LMT, up 5.74 LMT from the previous year. “According to estimates, the production of soybean, rapeseed, and mustard will be 149.76 LMT and 124.94 LMT, respectively, up from 2021–2022 levels by 19.89 LMT and 5.31 LMT, respectively. The nation’s total oil seed production from 2022 to 2023is estimated at a record 409.96 LMT which is higher by 30.33 LMT than the previous year’s oilseeds production,” the Union Agriculture Ministry said in a release.
Total production of Sugarcane in the country is also likely to hit record levels of 4942.28 LMT. “The production of sugarcane during 2022-23 is higher by 548.03 LMT than the previous year’s production,” the Centre said. The Production of Cotton is estimated at 343.47 lakhbales (of 170 kg each) and production of Jute & Mesta is estimated at 94.94 lakhbales (of 180 kg each).

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