The budget proposal was made to enhance the productivity of the ELS cotton via private and the public sector for a longer period of time. The partnership with the private sector will lower the import dependence to a larger extend.

The Union minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in her speech,”To enhance the productivity of extra-long staple cotton, we will adopt a cluster-based and value chain approach through public private partnerships”.

This will prove to be a meaningful collaborations between the farmers, state and the industry. The price of the ELS cotton alone is Rs.70000 crore with one candy being priced at Rs.356 kg.  The private sector has helped a lot in boosting the productivity of the ELS cotton. The central government would be funding the states. The individual farmers are adopting its production.

According to an industry, “The plan also seems to encourage farmers to adopt contact farming of ELS cotton”.

As per the new guidelines, the ELS cotton has set a good price to produce quality content (which is 60 to 120 yarns). The amount sums up to Rs.1.5 lakhs. The central government will be funding the stat in turn to provide financial assistance to clusters and adopting the production.