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Covestro India Joins Hands with United Way Mumbai to Put the “Jal Sanjivani” Program into High Gear in Solapur District

Published: February 22, 2023

Leading producer of innovative polymers and sustainable solutions provider Covestro and its NGO partner United Way Mumbai came together on 17th February 2023 to flag off a unique project- Jal Sanjivani. Jal Sanjivani is an integrated watershed management program aiming to build a climate-resilient agrarian community.

Covestro is supporting over 400 farmers in the Solapur and Raigad District with much-needed sprinkler and nozzle sets for micro-irrigation through this program. Kavita Desai, Head of Corporate Communications of CSR, Covestro (India) Private Limited, and Shireesh Kumar Jain, Head of Procurement, Covestro (India) Private Limited, were part of the distribution ceremony, representing Covestro India in Solapur on the 17th of Feb 2023. 90 farmers were given the sprinkler sets during this ceremony. 

United Way Mumbai’s Jal Sanjivani project aims to provide sustainable solutions to drought-affected agrarian communities in Maharashtra, India. The focus of the project is to protect and increase the surface and groundwater, improve agricultural efficiency, create alternate livelihoods for farmers, and promote sustainable agri practices. At Covestro (India), we are happy to support this project by distributing sprinkler sets for micro-irrigation to over 400 farmers in Raigad and Solapur districts in Maharashtra. This fosters our vision to bring in a sustainable change at the community level, to make the world a brighter place.” – Kavita Desai, Head of Corporate Communications & CSR, Covestro (India) Private Limited.

Shireesh Kumar Jain, Head- of Procurement, Covestro (India) Private Limited, added, “The process of creating and implementing plans and programs that aim to enhance and sustain human communities is not just satisfying but humbling as well. We hope this program plays an important role in securing water and food security for these areas for many years.”

The villages that benefitted from this initiative include; 

  • Dombar Jawalge, Halhalli, Teerth and Barhanpur in Solapur district and; 
  • Khandas, Ambherpada, Pathraj and Nandgaon in Raigad district 

About the Jal Sanjivani Project

Water is an increasingly precious resource in a warming world- and every little effort counts towards its conservation.

Watershed management is an ever-evolving practice involving the management of land, water, biota, and other resources in a defined area for ecological, social, and economic purposes. It consists of developing integrated watershed management strategies for sustainable management by incorporating adaptive management techniques and traditional ecological knowledge.

Although considerable progress has been made in recent years in watershed management strategies, numerous issues are still impeding successful management outcomes. Many of these issues can be remedied through holistic management approaches, incorporation of cutting-edge science and technology incorporation, and cross-jurisdictional coordination- where Covestro India found inspiration and contributed by the distribution of sprinkler sets.

The project’s objectives included: To promote sustainable and climate-resilient agricultural practices, protect and conserve the soil by minimizing fertile soil loss in fields, promote advanced agrarian techniques, improve productivity, and optimize the use of irrigable water to increase the cropping area. 

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