TEXTILE VALUE CHAIN (TVC) is Indian Trade Media with Monthly Print Magazine, E-Magazine & Online Global Information + Sourcing Platform.

Vision is to minimize the Gap of Textile industry Contributors.

Mission is to Filling Gap of information among each player of Value Chain.

TEXTILE VALUE CHAIN (TVC) as term indicates, each players contribute in the chain by adding some value and it enjoys significant position in the whole process of conversion. Whether it’s Industry, Government, Service Provider or consumer every one contribute to End product. Since all Value chain segment are Vibrant and growing with Technological and Innovation in product or services. Either organized sectors like spinning or decentralized & fragmented sectors like Fabrics & Garments each one represent vibrancy and Speed. TVC accepted all challenge to map the linkage and enter as Catalyst. TVC Editorial Team supported by an Experienced & Respected members from different segments.

We Combine and Connect Entire industry under one Platform & Strive to Revive the Textile and Apparel Industry..!!!

Team Members :

  • Sales Executive : Ms. Shraddha Awhad
  • Admin Executive : Ms. Namrata Kasar
  • Editorial Associate : Mr. Swaminathan
  • Graphic Designer : Mr. Anant Jogale
  • Website Management : Mashtechsol