(TAF) Xinfang Science & Technology collaborated &Radianza Yarn for fashion


Thai Acrylic Fibre Co Ltd (TAF) and Jiangsu Xinfang Science & Technology Group Co Ltd have collaborated to develop eco-friendly acrylic yarns for sweaters segment. Incorporated in 1987, TAF is one of the largest acrylic fibre companies in the world. The company produces a range of acrylic and specialty acrylic fibres for various end-applications.


Established in 2005, Xinfang is one of the largest semi-worsted, fancy yarn and woolen yarn manufacturers in China. “We have been focusing on sustainable materials for many years. We offer yarns made from various organic fibres and recycled materials to our customers. We are glad that TAF contacted us with their Radianza fibre, which differs from other sustainable materials we have been working, as this fibre is eco-friendly in terms of saving natural resources during production process. Acrylic is widely used in sweaters and in flatknit products. Therefore, we think Radianza will be the better choice for our customers and brands to focus on,” said Xinfang general manager Chen.

“We are honoured to have Xinfang on board on our sustainability journey, starting with Radianza. Xinfang is well known for its sustainable yarns and one of the largest manufacturers in China. We hope that both of us can help support brands in this sustainability growth trend,” said Ashwini Chotani, chief marketing officer of TAF.