Recycled puffer jackets by Levis


Levi’s has just launched its sustainable puffer jackets made from recycled plastic bottles and waste. The jacket is made from recycled plastic bottles and waste, with the use of recycled materials the resources required to grow cotton and make polyester are removed.

The production includes post-consumer waste (PCW) being broken down with discarded polyester and then being blended into a new synthetic fibre, this is used to insulate the jacket. This is less impactful on the environment as recycled polyester requires less energy to produce than the initial polyester, and it reduces landfill overflow and the dependence on fossil fuels. Levi’s recently launched its most sustainable jeans to date. Each pair of jeans is made of 20 percent recycled denim, 20 percent sustainably sourced viscose, and 60 percent organic cotton, in addition, the denim also reduces the water, chemical and CO2 footprint during manufacturing.

The American heritage retailer also has a 2025 sustainability pledge. The goals are to achieve a 90 percent reduction in its greenhouse gas emissions, use 100 percent renewable throughout its facilities and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent through its global supply chain.

FashionUnited and Fashion Snoops previously reported that brands and retailers who are re-thinking their assortment strategies for post-pandemic life must ensure four consumer needs touchless, resilience, sanitation, and immune boosting technologies.