Women’s Shoe Designer Mark Schwartz Releases New Era of Men’s Fashion Forward Shoes


Throughout Mark Schwartz’s 35-year career as a successful women’s shoe designer, he has always secretly wanted to design and make handmade men’s shoes. Now, he’s done it and his new men’s shoes collection will be available this fall/winter.

Part of the reason Schwartz launched this collection is self-serving. Since he can’t wear the 4-inch signature high heels he’s famous for, this new men’s shoe collection allows him to indulge in creating some of the most creative, unique and best quality men’s shoes on the market.

His shoe designs have graced the top fashion runways of Paris, Milan and New York and they’ve also appeared in the pages of Vogue, Elle and W Magazine.

All of Schwartz’s shoes are handmade in Italy with strict detail and attention to fit and design. His new men’s shoe collection includes six styles ranging from loafers to ankle boots. The physical designs are classical with a twist. He pays special attention to the actual heel detail because he recognizes that heel shapes and placements are critical to any good design.

Schwartz’s signature heel is not attached in the usual way that men’s shoes are typically done. Instead, he takes a cue from his women’s shoe designs and attaches the heel separately and leaves space around it. This gives the illusion of lightness, but the heel itself is masculine.

“Men who wear these shoes will be known for their fashion sense,” Schwartz says.