Brandon Maxwell’s Resort 2021 collection has a vibrant takes on modern sportswear


Maxwell ‘s company was able to open its own full-fledged e-commerce in the early months of the lockout, which he said saw rapid popularity. Although spending three months in his Brooklyn home quarantine, the designer took the time not just to create several capsules of one-of-a-kind apparel strictly on location, but also a weekly email for his faithful customers and private customers.The newsletter includes (among other things) recettes and playlists which the author and his team loved and used at home.

He expressed over Zoom. “Maybe I’m overly optimistic all the time, but [this time] has really driven home what fashion is to me, it’s the connection with people,”

Getting this opportunity to interact put forth a fresh outlook and encouraged the designer to push his company in a direction he thought to be more like what his wife needed, and who he was as a individual. “I think I’m a very sportswear, colorful, optimistic person, so I wanted it [the resort collection] to feel joy a

nd happiness, and convey the message that the sun will shine again, because I believe that it will.”

The designer woke up one morning after three months of quarantining from home, put a bag of fabrics from previous collections together, placed a blanket down at a park and started experimenting with colors. Throughout the years, he has recognized the personal happiness that colors offer by vivid greens, pink and reds, which he took to resort.