Trisit, 3D knit pioneer makes innovative face masks for a new time


Trisit Textiltechnologie, a pioneer in the field of 3D knitting technology, has created a range of protective face masks to help counter COVID-19. The Achtrer Group company, based in Ulm halfway between Munich and Stuttgart, was an early adopter for technological applications of Stoll flat knitting technology. The company is known for its 3D knitted lampshades, handbags, sneakers, seat and backrest covers for furniture and automotive as well as special technical applications such as integrated seat heating or lighting. Trisit is now producing two distinct types of reusable anti-pandemic facemasks with filters-the Face Mask Pro and the Face Mask Vita.

Face Mask Pro

The innovative aspect in Face Mask Pro, according to Trisit, is that: “With the Velcro strip, the mask is simply attached to the neck without any contact with the ears and without binding. In addition, a pocket is built into the inside of the mask which makes a fast filter change.

“The face mask is characterized by the fact that it is light and breathable, also its shape adapts to the individual area of the face without obstructing the mouth. This makes it extremely comfortable and effective,” Trisit adds.

“Being a textile face mask, it is washable and therefore reusable.”

“You can use our special filter fleece made by a well-known German manufacturer of non-woven fabrics as an additional textile barrier. This increases the filtering effect of the mask without decreasing the wearing comfort,” Trisit says.

“Our inserted filter fleece is also being used in the manufacturing of professional protective masks. The composite nonwoven fabric has been tested in an independent laboratory and has shown very good filter performances, which increases the protection of others.”

Face Mask Vita

The 3D knitted Face Mask Vita is, Trisit says, very comfortable to wear. The variable elastic band which can be used can be worn both behind the head and behind the ears. The users decide which one is better. A pocket is installed on the inside of the mask, similar to its sister model Pro, which allows for fast filter changes.

Like Pro, Vita is light and breathable, also its shape adapts to the individual area of the face without obstructing the mouth. Trisit says the mask is extremely comfortable and effective and is washable and therefore reusable. Vita also uses the same nonwoven filters as Pro.

“As a textile product, the face mask as a face mask, used with or without the filter fleece, meets the requirements of the German Corona federal states – regulations on the obligation to wear face masks in public,” Trisit added.

“The examination was passed with classification type IIR according to EN 14683. It’s not a protective mask for the mouth-nose, though, as official approval is still required. The face mask currently does not comply with the regulations mandated by EN 149 and thus does not constitute a PSA personal protective equipment, “concludes the firm.