Handloom day 2020: FDCI has its helping hands for Indian weavers


‘Fashion design council of India (FDCI)’ the non-profitable organisation formed by independent fashion designers of India has taken a step ahead towards bringing reinforcement in struggles and hardships of Indian weavers lives. The COVID 19 pandemic crisis has pushed the weavers of the country into the quagmire of despair due to negligible sales. The hand-loom sector  is the only source of bread and butter to many weavers who had their magical hands operating from yarns to the garment in our lifestyle.

The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) has taken its benevolent steps towards a positive environmental impact by keeping handloom goods in play. It has iniated a Covid-19 Support Fund to support up and coming designers and weaver across the country. There are many operating fashion houses and e-commerce websites have even came foward with promoting hands to the hand-loom goods ,spread awareness and life to this falling sector. Honorable, minister of textiles ‘Smriti Irani’ has also bestowed her contribution towards welfare of weavers across the country by promoting handloom.

The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) has decided to help handloom weavers through the new-found Covid-19 Support Fund by buying merchandise from weavers, which would be used to make high-in-demand cotton masks or ensembles. The idea of stacking unsold handloom fabric waste has fostered the idea of reusing the same in order to to make high-in-demand cotton masks or ensembles. FDCI board member Rahul Mishra calls this to be a cyclic process instead of getting it misunderstood as charity. The designers will buy, sell and then go back to weavers to buy more.