Spun bond and melt blown substances may be charged electrostatically to enhance efficiency of their filters. The electro-charging device ecuTEC+ forms part of the distribution spectrum of all melt blown systems currently marketed for the manufacture of defensive mask non- wovens.

Strong demand for filter media:
“Among other things, the Oerlikon Nonwoven meltblown process, for which nonwovens can also be developed for respiratory masks, is known by the industry as being the technologically most effective system for manufacturing extremely separate filter media made from plastic fibres. Oerlikon goes on to say: “The requirement of filter media , especially those made from meltblown nonwovens, has been extremely high since the coronavirus pandemic started.

Oerlikon Nonwoven electric charge unit rounds off nonwovens filter systems: Manufacturers of nonwovens can freely select from various variety options and set optimum charging method and strength for their particular filter applications. And the ecuTEC+ may also be used to produce EPA and HEPA type filter devices. Consequently, the idea is distinct from other innovations present on the market