Formal styles may convert into work from home fashion styles in future


Formal wear has a huge section in the fashion market as everybody wants to look formal and in style at their work place. Clothes do matter when you are going to meet people and work together with them. We also meet new people like clients so it is always better to stay in our comfortable style rather than feeling uncomfortable. This pandemic has bought a great game change in the formal wear market as majority of the industries have shifted their employees to work from home. How will fashion move towards this new work from home sector?

Instagram was filled with work from home memes when companies initiated it. People had to adapt to the situation of staying at a corner of the house and doing their work and dressing up to stay at home was questioned. But as time passed and when people became aware that this situation could go on for a bit longer than we all have presumed, it did change people’s mindset towards work from home fashion. Brands targeted customers to shop based on the work from home theme once the shipping has resumed.  People may start experimenting new things in fashion just like they started experimenting their hobbies in spare time. Style of an individual may change, brands they prefer may shift, maximilists can go minimal and vice versa.

Various outfit idea videos are being uploaded by youtubers and instagram influencers for work from home styling. People are getting dressed up to attend their virtual meetings. Dressing up also helps people continue their day with energy rather than sitting in their pyjamas. Comfortable and stylish garments might be the next trend in the formal market sector. People will want to try new things and move out of their comfort zone so the preference of designs, textures and styles could be different. We can see the latest trending work from home fashion styles.

Casual outfits:

Some may prefer to go simple and not right into formals for their WFH. Their every day look becomes their go to meeting look.

Mix and match:

Some wants the outfits to be comfortable and to look formal. They mix and match their casuals with formal wear.

Perfect formals:

People might also want to stay on their same style as their normal working days.

Yoga pants:

Yoga pants are trending for their comfort and their sleek look. They come in all shades and with the right tones we are good to go for a meeting.


These fashion items could convert anything into a formal look. We just have to pick the right color for your style.

I am excited to check how the trends shift in different directions in this new period. Fashion adapts to the situation or it lets us adapt towards it. On a wider perspective people are shifting to something which makes them comfortable and to continue their day. Sustainable and comfortable clothing could be the next big thing in fashion once the pandemic is over.