“I WALK UP TO THE BEAT OF my very own DRUM.”
That fabulous red dress bohemian style that has got everybody spirited, reformer, artistic, liberated, iconoclast

A geographical region could be a resident of Bohemia, these days a section of the European country. The word “Bohemian” was wont todenote the Czech folks yet because the Czech language before the word “Czech” became rifewithin the early twentieth century.
I am the one. | Bohemian quotes, Boho quotes, Travel quotes tumblrCurrently, the word “Bohemians” is employed concerning folks from geographical region of all ethnic origins, particularly before the year 1918, once the dominion of geographical region ceased to exist formally. If an individual is curious about art, literature and music that’s if he/she is a lot of inclined to the artistic aspects are often referred as a bohemian- a BOHO in brief.
Definition of the Bohemian vogue

Bohemian vogue could be a fashion statement within which natural materials, retro patterns, neutrals and heat shades merge with the statement accessories of the 70’s.

It is really way much more than simply a fashion trend, it associates actual culture in its claim, one that comes with a really specific thought process. It’s closely related to the reformed fashion of the 60s and 70s. These days bohemian fashion is an element of the thought culture.
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The fashion labelled as bohemian represent the life-style ideology that comes with it: an alternate to the standard approach of dressing, paired up with associate equally various, a lot of liberated mode and a social stance against everything from materialism to society’s constraints.

Are Bohemians and Hippies the same?

Hippie, similar to bohemian, is an ancient sort of fashion that doesn’t entail a trendy type of matching just like the former, as a result of reformist is to be free from everything. Most hipsters ar folks that are happy go lucky.

The revolution of bohemianism still doesn’t modify its quality and rules, though, as a result ofit’s a type of fashion that puts up vintage garments and mixes them up along.

Hippie, like bohemian, is an ancient sort of fashion. However, it doesn’t entail a trendy type of  matching just like the former, as a result of reformist is to be free from everything. Folks who wear them get to be individualistic or distinctive on their own terms, and therefore feel happy concerning it.

History of Bohemianism

Over the past two hundred years, bohemian was a term that observed exotic vogue sense, typically related to the artists of the time, just like writers and sure eccentric intellectuals. Bohemian Fashion History - From Nomadic Roots to Boho Chic Style ...
The French Bohemians

Towards the end of the nineteenth century, the Romantics (intellectuals with the Romantic art of the era) were influenced to the French Bohemians. The teams started wearing flowy attires, oriental-inspired article of clothing, medieval parts and colourful materials in their appearance, yet as gypsy-inspired accessories and hair, recent coats and distressed materials.

The Bohemian Movement took a replacement which means the 60s was the period where it was on the point of modification the definition of fashion. Back once the reformist Movement stood against standard lifestyles, new style of clothing designs came together with ethnic dresses, embroideries, mixed prints, volume, fringe and flaring silhouettes started obtaining high market grounds. The hippies rejected everything they thought which valued to materialism that was apparently in their fashion selections that went against the polished and fashionable silhouettes of the previous decade.


The Colour Pallette

The bohemian color palette primarily consists of a lot of natural and earthy tones like tans, yellows, oranges and blue collar of the sky, cobalt blue blue collar of the seas and then on.

Bohemian Color Palette

Modern Bohemianism

Bohemian Tops

  • Loose, relaxed fits
  • Bell, trumpet and bishop style sleeves
  • Half-length and three-quarter length sleeves
  • Various decorative trims: pompoms, ethnic prints, etc.
  • V necklines, off-shoulder cuts
  • Mixed print designs
  • Embroideries

Bohemian Style Bottoms

  • Flared silhouettes
  • Flowy, flouncy skirts
  • Mixed print skirts
  • Relaxed fits
  • Embroideries

Bohemian Dresses

  • Loose, relaxed fits, A-line cuts
  • Bell, trumpet and bishop style sleeves
  • Half-length and three-quarter length sleeves
  • Off-shoulder prairie designs
  • Mixed print designs
  • Embroideries


Bohemian Outerwear

  • Distressed elements
  • Slightly oversize silhouettes
  • Cozy garments
  • Decorative fringe and trims

Bohemian Shoes

  • Fringe, tassels and other trims
  • Ethnic print designs
  • Bucket style designs
  • Mixed prints
  • Antiqued finish jewelry
  • Perforated detailing
  • Rattan bags and belts
  • Braid detailing
  • Patchwork designs

Bohemian Accessories

  • Fringe, tassels and other trims
  • Ethnic print designs
  • Bucket style designs
  • Mixed prints
  • Antiqued finish jewelry
  • Perforated detailing
  • Rattan bags and belts
  • Braid detailing
  • Patchwork designs

Bohemian Materials

  • Lace – bohemian lace is usually more rustic in appearance than delicate silk lace, and more often than not, it comes in white or ivory hues;
  • Crochet – lace’s shabby cousin, borrowed from the interior design arena and incorporated in festival-ready crops, bags and even bikinis;
  • Leather – faux or genuine, in shades of natural brown or taupe and preferably worn-out.
  • Denim –It can be used as light, dark, distressed or acidic.
  • Suede – It is usually used in the creation of accessories and as a staple of boho footwear.
  • Wood – It is used for shoe platforms, bangle bracelets, beads and other jewelry pieces.
  • Turquoise – It is the most popular bohemian gem, adorning rings, earrings and necklaces.
  • Rattan – It is used in the creation of bags and shoes

Bohemian Patterns

  • Trellis – a symmetrical pattern that comes in a variety of forms, from stylized ones to highly ornamental Moroccan tile-inspired designs characteristic to bohemian clothing.
  • Ikat – both a technique and a pattern that involves resist dyeing the fabrics prior to weaving them.
  • Floral – large scale, small scale, colorful or muted, bohemian florals are anything but stylized and minimalistic.
  • Tribal – inspired by African cultures, tribal prints are a staple in boho clothing, often found in bold and bright hues.
  • Kilim – Turkish rugs reinvented as winter coats, bags and vests, featuring handmade flat tapestry designs.
  • Paisley – originating in Persia, paisley is an exotic pattern that is highly intricate and ornamental, often featuring mysterious symbolism.
  • Lattice – a repetitive pattern that is not necessarily bohemian, but found often as part of boho clothing in its more intricate versions.

Bohemian Techniques

  • Macramé – a type of knotting technique, used to produce textiles both for interior design and clothing items, often used in the creation of vests, beach cover-ups and bags.
  • Tie-dye – borrowed from the hippie culture of the 60s, tie-dye is a technique used to produce groovy patterns.
  • Distressed – old, vintage and worn-out are trademarks of bohemian style, with distressed denim and leather being the most popular choices.
  • Patchwork – used in the creation of bags (either textiles or leather) or incorporated in clothing designs either as a main textile or as an applique.


According to me, boho is one of the must haves that I prefer everyone all to have in the closet. They are one of the most comfortable outfits that one can actually look upto without looking boring. You can actually go to ANY EXTENT when it comes to styling it and thats where your individuality and aesthetics come out.

I hope you guys had a good time reading it.


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