We all have heard about smart textiles, but when it comes to its applications, frequent responses can be heard as smart shoes that count steps, fabrics that change colour with respect to heat and other apparel and fashion related application. E- textiles which are also known as smart textiles are trending throughout the textile industry. Smart textiles add value to the fabric and increases the scope of application. These smart textiles are not just limited to its application in fashion and apparels but these are also utilized in Home textile and Home furnishing category of textiles. They have versatile features and give comfort to the user.

What makes any textile as smart textile? They are the conductive textiles. Since a very long-time artisans are using gold and silver zari thread in weaving. Designers and engineers experimented with this and embedded electricity and other digital components in fabric to make clothing and other accessories.

House is place where a person tends to spend more quality time with family – resting and building memories. Ever houseware item is as per the comfort of the people in the house and the topmost priority of home furnishing companies is the comfort of their customers. There has been use of smart textiles in home textiles and home furnishing items, additional features like light, sensors or sound are added depending on the idea of design without compromising on the products actual use.

Speciality Pillow

Pillow are generally used for resting, it acts as a support for the head and neck of the user. There are many people who use the pillow for hugging while sleeping. Today new inventions have been made to this human behavior where there are lights embedded within the pillow which acts as an interactive surface. Based on the pressure exerted on the pillow the intensity of illumination is controlled. Different light effects are given to the pillow considering the aesthetic elements. Some designs include heart shape lights, seeing its psychological perspective, when a person is away from their loved ones and miss them, the pillow can be used as a medium for hugging, when more pressure is exerted more illumination takes place and with this the person can feel more relaxed and wanted. Other designs include games on the pillow, animal prints, written words.

Smart Comfy chair

Interactive furniture

Many researchers and designers are increasing the area of work interest in the field of smart textiles in home furnishing items. With this there are some studies that have created chairs that have technology embedded within the textile of the arm chair. The functions like bending and adjustment of back rest or leg rest can be operated simply with the help of conductive textiles that are woven into the textile material. Some chairs are also inbuilt with music system.

As there are different category of people, every individual will have different opinion for these smart textiles. Some may consider them into fancy items category while some may find it as utmost useful item. Every invention in the field of smart textile is developed on the basis of some void seen in human behavior, or difficulty in use of the product by the end user, the age group of the users. Interactive furniture

Article Written by-

Rutu Kanade