New Beachwear Collection Presented By Eurojersey


“Sensitive Fabrics by Eurojersey anticipate Summer 2022 by dictating the style of seaside life with its trends and fashions, fruit of codes woven into a univocal language of prints and colours to present a style designed for a glamorous and comfortable femininity whatever the context,” the Italian company announced today.

“Ideal for the production of swimwear thanks to their second-skin effect, Sensitive Fabrics are highly performing and able to guarantee a 50+ sun protection factor, breathability and an elevated resistance – ten times higher than that of other fabrics – to the detrimental effects of chlorinated water, sun creams and heat. Warp-knitted and endowed with three-dimensional stretch, quick-drying and tested for shape and colour retention, Sensitive Fabrics are fruit of an innovative technology for manufacturing protective and versatile swimwear.”

“All of these features are highlighted in the Rexistance advertising campaign, chosen by Eurojersey for the SS 2022 beachwear collection of Sensitive Fabrics. Living in symbiosis with the element of “water”. A body succumbs to the natural embrace of an aquatic environment, while Sensitive Fabrics immerge and adapt perfectly to ‘being’ and ‘resisting’ thanks to their exclusive performance,” Eurojersey continues.

The five trends being presented stem from the versatility of Sensitive Fabrics: BOTANICAL, ARTISTIC ABSTRACT, WILD TROPICAL, INCISED OPULENCE, SOFTLY RETRO. Themes played out between the charm of the past and a desire for the future, poised between art and nature, enwrapped in an elegance of romantic glamour or sophisticated refinement, characterised by the contrasting effects of subtle nuances and assertive shades.

Following are some the prints from the collection:

Botanical Trend:

Artistic abstract:



Incised opulence: