Evening look

Got a date night after work ? Go for a pantsuit style.
1. Pick your favourite black tailored pants and wear them with a black lace bustier top.
2. Wear a beautifully cut tuxedo over your top when at work and remove it for the date night.
3. Bustier tops are known for their sensual appearance and black is the perfect color for the night.
4. Pair your outfit with black stilettos and a sling.
5. Wrap up the look by adding a subtle diamond necklace, studs and maybe a ring.
6. Women with long hair can tie their hair either in a ponytail or braids. You can loosen the braids before leaving for dinner. Women with short hair can give soft waves and pin them on one side.
7. You can keeps your hands bare or even add a watch.
Additional tips: Try to get your nails manicured and also, put on some perfume.
By Vasavi Mehta


(Picture Credits: Pinterest)




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