Trump says remaining China tariffs will kick in if Xi is no-show at G20


US President Donald Trump has warned his Chinese counterpart that a new round of tariffs would be levied on the country’s goods if the two leaders failed to meet at the G20 summit in Japan, as trade tensions continued to simmer between Washington and Beijing, said the Financial Times.

In an interview with CNBC, Trump said he believed there would be a bilateral meeting with Xi in Osaka on the sidelines of the world leaders’ gathering later this month. The meeting has been widely seen as a chance for a new truce between the US and China.

Trump added that levies on $300 billion of additional Chinese imports would be imposed immediately if Chinese President Xi Jinping failed to show up, on top of a 25% tariff in place now on $250 billion of goods.

“We are expected to meet. If we do, that’s fine, and if we don’t, that’s fine. Look, from our standpoint, the best deal we can have is 25% on $600 billion,” said Trump.