Scope of value addition – from Cotton Bales to Garment


In a conversation with Dilip Patel, Vice President & Bhavesh Thakar, Secretary General of Spinner Association(Gujarat), the co – organiser of ITMACH INDIA / ITSE 2017

Cotton Bales production in India is approximately 4 crores yearly out of which appx 0.60 crore bales being exported per year, fetching revenue of Rs. 12,000 crores. If this raw cotton is converted into finished garments,it may generate revenue up to 108000 crores. Also, if entire yarn production converted into garments, it would get us revenue worth Rs 2,00,000 crores whereas export of yarn if taken for export which is fetching us revenue worth Rs 45000 crores excluded, net of yarn converted into garments in India can reap us revenue worth Rs.1,55,000 crores. The totaling of Bales & Yarn together may get us revenue for Rs 2,63,000 crores.The Difference in revenue is huge by value addition. If we really focus on value addition and conversion, many jobs can be created and economy will get a boost by this new initiative. Expressly need to convert entire bales production with value addition.

Value addition from cotton to garment is just 50% so far.Government should focus on this segment. Indian Ginning, Spinning industry is set in Textile by now. Further encouraging to it may result in over capacity to attract consequences.Gujarat has got 35-40 lac spindles in spinning segment. Knitting, weaving, processing, garment sector should be taken into consideration into new textile policy.

Gujarat government’s 2012-2017 policy is focusing mainly on textile industry. State Governments like Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh also focusing on textile in their new policy.It’s really high time as India hasstill got a provision of 50% value addition, whereas our neighboring country is going leaps and bounds in garment sector.

Mr Dilip Patel visited some of the exhibitors of ITMACH / ITS (Indian Textile Sourcing) with Sec Gen Mr Bhavesh Thakar to know more about the technology, innovations & produces displayed in ITMACH INDIA 2017. Exhibitors exchanged market idea & learnt about the scopes & supports. Technology is the real need for industry was the extract of their joint discussions. The innovations explained by Mr Naresh Mistry & Mr Jayesh Mistry at their Stall of Perfect Equipment Pvt Ltd were appreciated.